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I have always been a lover and creator of salads.

I love taking a seemingly humble vegetable and turning it into something amazing.

I would think of all different ways I could turn everyday ingredients and re-create them into healthy, plant-based alternatives.

Any time a salad was needed I was put in charge. Picnics, dinners and parties, my salads were always on the table. Everyone would always comment that I needed to do something with my salads- that they were a waste only coming out for the odd occasion.

In October 2017 I sent my friend Anna, owner of Told You So a text. It went…

“If I was to start making salads, would you buy them”.

That was it.

Within a few months The Whole Box was created and I was getting ready to sell my first ever boxes. I had never worked in a commercial kitchen before let alone made more than a kilo of salad in my life.

I had roasting pans from Kmart, my trusted knife from home and a vision for the food that I wanted to create.

In the wee hours of the morning I was getting ready to box up my salads ready for sale. I remember feeling so nervous that I could have been sick.  

What if no-one brought my salads? What if no-one liked them?

It was going to be the first time that people outside of my family and friendship circle not only ate but brought my food.

Turns out, people wanted amazing salads that were more than just kale.

Word of mouth started to take off and soon my small pans and cheap knife weren't enough.

We are now in nearly 30 locations across Brisbane and the Sunshine coast and growing everyday. We produce hundreds of kilos of a salad and feed over 800 people each and every week.

I am so excited that I get to create and feed people real, good, plant-based food.

The Whole Box follows the philosophy of WHOLE. Can we use the Whole ingredient? Is the box full of wholesome ingredients that will keep you full and satisfied? And lastly, is it so good that you would want to eat the Whole box?

I hope you enjoy The Whole Box creations and meals as much as I have enjoyed making them for you